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COVID-19 Statement

Our lobbies are open to customer traffic.  Both Wyoming & Stacy offices will have limited capacity and staff will watch for social distancing.  We may ask customers to wait outside while others finish their banking if necessary.  Please consider your need. Our phones are answered by a person during banking hours and we are here to assist you at (651)462-7611.

We have plastic barriers in place for most of our customer facing staff.   You may also wear a cloth face mask in the building.  You may be asked to briefly pull your mask down for identification purposes.   Staff will be supplied with masks. But they may not be wearing them at all times.  If at any point you would like to request that they use their mask, please just ask.  They will accommodate that request immediately.

Please follow these guidelines during your visit:
•    Disinfect your hands with the sanitizer provided.
•    Keep six feet of distance between you and anyone you may encounter.
•    Follow signage in the lobbies.
•    Customers who feel sick or exhibit any signs of illness are asked to not enter the building for everyone's safety. Please feel free to contact us at (651)462-7611 and we will make sure your banking needs are met.

These are unprecedented times.   Our customers and staff have shown great patience as we traverse this new territory together.  Thank you for being a loyal First State Bank of Wyoming customer and we hope you and your families stay safe and healthy.  

Hardship Assistance

Customers facing financial difficulties due to the coronavirus are urged to contact the bank directly by calling (651)462-7611.  If you are experiencing hardship and need assistance regarding your mortgage, consumer loan, business loan, or deposit account, please reach out to discuss your individual situation. 

Be aware of potential scams

Scammers and cyber-criminals may try to take advantage of your concerns related to COVID-19.  They may offer you fake products, medical advice, create fake charities, or encourage you to click a fraudlent link to gain access to your computer or device.  Please stay scam aware and proceed with caution.