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Best Practices for Online Banking

How to Safely Bank Online

The following are 8 safety tips recommended by Naked Security to refer to when utilizing either online or mobile banking.  For the safety of your personal and account information, First State Bank of Wyoming recommends you follow these general tips to the best of your ability.


  • Choose an account with two factor authentication

    First State Bank of Wyoming requires the use of a temporary access code (TAC) each time you log onto a new device, such as a phone, tablet or computer.  Multi-factor authentication adds another layer of security to help protect your accounts.  Best practice is to have your secure access code sent to a telephone rather than your email.  If your websession is taken over by a hacker, by using a phone delivery of your secure access code the offender will not be able to register a device, without access to your telephone.  Please ask a Customer Service Representative to disable email delivery of secure access codes, for our most secure option. 

  • Create a strong username and password

    We recommend that you avoid the use of your social security number for both your username and password.  In addition, stay away from any other common information a hacker might know about you (date of birth, names of family members, etc.)  

  • Secure your computer and keep it up-to-date

    It is important to have some sort of virus software on your computer.  In addition, always keep your operating system up-to-date. 

  • Avoid clicking through emails

    First State Bank of Wyoming is never going to send you an email asking you to provide us with your login information.  On occasion, we do perform maintenance on accounts and you may receive an email alert notifying you that something on your account has changed.  This could be something as simple as a phone number, address, or even changing the spelling of your name.  If you receive such an email and find it suspicious for any reason, please give one of our customer service representatives a call at 651-462-7611 and they can investigate the issue. 

  • Access your accounts from a secure location

    It is not a good idea to access your online banking account while connected to a public or unknown Wi-Fi network.  Doing so could potentially give a hacker access to your information. 

  • Always log out when you are done

    Not only does this prevent the next user of your computer, tablet, smartphone, etc. from messing with your account, but it also makes it harder for potential hackers to get in.  

  • Set up account notifications

    First State Bank of Wyoming's online banking system has email/text message alerts that will notify you when certain changes have been made to your account.  While there are some standard notifications that we register for all of our users, there are other notifications that you can turn on and off.

  • Monitor your accounts regularly

    Check your account(s) regularly to make sure there are not any suspicious transactions that have been processed.  If you see anything unusual, please notify us IMMEDIATELY.

FDIC Resources for Consumers

The FDIC has several publications and tools to help individuals and businesses with financial consumer issues. These are available year-round at Each day, criminals find new ways to steal personal information and commit identity fraud. No matter how careful you are, there's still a chance you could become their next victim. The following are links to some helpful articles published by the FDIC: