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Digital Banking scams have been targeting First State Bank of Wyoming customers.

If you receive a TEXT or EMAIL regarding an authorized debit card or P2P transaction and you DID NOT authorize the transaction:
1.  Tell them you did not and have them suspend your card and/or account.
2.  DON’T give any information including your Online Banking username or password. We do NOT need this to turn off your debit card.
3.  CALL US at 651-462-7611 during banking hours!

FSBW Digital Banking support team works Monday – Friday from 8:30 – 5.  Please call us during this time if you suspect any erroneous logins. We won’t call you outside of this window!

  • NEVER share your existing password with anyone.  We will never ask for this.
  • NEVER RESET your password to a password that a caller gives you.
  • NEVER give out a secure access code sent to your device or APPROVE their login with the DUO app.

STOP – Call us during banking hours!

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